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Inmarsat Satellite Phone Users Asked to Migrate to BSNL Before July 31



The satellite phone services provided in India are expected to run out of phase soon. BSNL has ordered all its customers to switch their connections to BSNL by July 31, 2017.

The Inmarsat Satellite Phone services are provided in India by the Tata Communications Limited (TCL). BSNL has made an announcement for all IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone2 users. They have declared that BSNL will be providing with the Global Satellite Phone Services through its Gateway located in India. These satellite phone services of India are facilitated by Tata Communications Limited (TCL). It had a permit inherited from Indian government’s Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited. As BSNL is setting up its Gateway, all services of TCL will be phased out. The connections will be transferred to BSNL.

A BSNL official has further added that the Department of telecom might grant them with the satellite phone import license the following week, which will allow them to import handsets and provide the customers with the same. The imported handsets will be provided only to those subscribers who will approach the firm with the request.

The usage of satellite phone services, in India, is permitted only to limited organisations. The government, however, plans to open this for public usage in 2019.

The 1,532 satellite phone connections which are authorised are mostly used by the security forces of the country. TCL has issued 4,143 permits for the usage of such phones at ships as well.


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