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BSNL’s Virtual Landline ‘Plan Aseem’ Announced on Pan-India Basis at Rs. 99 for One Year Validity


The state-owned telecom company, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), has launched the Virtual Landline Connection scheme on a Pan India basis with effect from 18 July 2017.  The new landline plan, also called Plan Aseem, presents a one-year connection at just Rs. 99/-.

The Kerala Telecom highlights that the customer can choose the land-phone number (fixed-line indicator) according to their choice besides furnishing an additional number, belonging to any network connection, so that all the incoming calls on the landline number can be forwarded to the alternate connection as well.  This would come without any further charges.

This designates the Virtual Number as the ‘Follow-Me’ Number, as it would be of immense help to those customers who are away from their land phones.  Suppose a whole family leaves for a trip, with their mobile handsets by their side, any person calling up at the landline would now get to reach out to the family at the other end of the line with the link offered by this service system.

Any individual wishing to bag this ameliorating communication strategy should simply follow a one-step application procedure at the nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre.  The customer must specify the landline number they wish to possess, except for the Landline Vanity Number, which would be set by the operators.

BSNL's Virtual Landline 'Plan Aseem' Announced on Pan-India Basis at Rs. 99 for One Year ValidityAnnually, only Rs. 99/- would be charged by a subscriber for availing this golden opportunity.  Advance payment is desired from the end-users in their first attempt, following which a bill for the subsequent year would be generated after 11 months and sent to the customer’s address.

The Virtual Landline Connection technology under the Plan Aseem with free unlimited call forwarding facility, initiated by BSNL, in all the circles, does not house the exploitation of any Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installation or copper cable, for delivering this service to the customers.


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